VMware Technology Alliance Program (TAP)

VMware Technology Alliance Program (TAP)

Customer Support Community (Limited TSANet Member)

The TSANet/VMware TAP Community facilitates seamless global collaboration between TAP Program Partner support organizations that best addresses mutual customer problems. Availability and response time depends on the mutual customer's entitlement. All partners also provide 24x7 Escalation contacts.

If your company is already a member of TSANet (Member List), please contact TSANet directly at +1 913 345 9311 for pricing and implementation.

TSANet, founded in 1993, is a worldwide, vendor-neutral, not-for-profit organization that provides the legal framework and contact database to foster multi-vendor problem-solving. VMware is utilizing TSANet's expertise to establish a collaborative ecosystem where VMware and its global partners can address customers' mutli-vendor virtualization problems.

By registering below, you will be joining TSANet as a Limited Member. The VMware/TSANet support portal provides the framework for engagement in multi-vendor support interactions surrounding virtualization issues and potential interdependencies with other products (e.g. operating systems, databases, application software and hardware). For support issues that do not involve a virtualization product, your support organization should continue to rely on other support processes. Non-virtualization issues are considered outside of the scope of this VMware/TSANet engagement portal.

Once you have completed the registration process, you will receive a user-id and password which will allow you to gain access to the TSANet database to post contact and escalation information, products supported and entitlement instructions.